Appliance Repair Guide For Homeowners

Residential Air Conditioning Solutions You May Want To Consider For Your Home

If your home does not have air conditioning, it can be added to an existing home without too much difficulty. A residential air conditioning installation designed for your entire home, small spaces within the house, or single rooms can be put in by a qualified installer.  Heat Pumps Installing residential heat pumps in new homes is common, but you can add these AC systems to existing homes as well. The work involved takes a little longer because ductwork needs to be installed throughout the house, but once the system is complete, it is very efficient and can replace the heating system in the home and add air conditioning. Read More 

How To Tell If Your Dryer Belt Is Bad And What To Do About The Problem

A common cause of dryer problems is broken belts. The dryer belt gets a lot of use over the years, and it wears down over time. When the belt breaks, it has to be replaced. Here are signs your dryer belt is bad or broken and what a dryer repair professional has to do to fix the problem. The Signs Of A Bad Dryer Belt When the dryer belt starts to go bad, you might hear new and unusual noises when your dryer is running. Read More 

Dirt, Breaks, And Overheating: 3 HVAC Issues That Can Impair Your Condenser Coils

The condenser coils in your air conditioner's condensing unit provide a critical phase change for the refrigerant fuel. The compressor pumps gas coolant into the coils, which turn the gas into a liquid that can quickly move through supply lines into your house to finish the cooling process. Problems with the condenser coils can impact the efficiency of the phase change and, ultimately, the cooling provided. What are some of the problems that can impair your condenser coils, and how can an appliance repair service help? Read More 

Beginner’s Guide To Troubleshooting Baseboard Heating Airflow Troubles

If you use baseboard heating in your home during wintertime months, you most likely enjoy having a heating system that does not require a furnace to be periodically cleaned and serviced to give you warmth. Baseboard heating will effectively heat a home if it is maintained properly. If you find your heating system is not working to its full potential, try the following steps in troubleshooting the problem. Do An Assessment Of The Wiring For Damage If the baseboard heater's wiring is not working properly, you may experience intermittent heating situations. Read More 

Troubleshooting Odd Problems With Your Front-Loading Washing Machine

Even though front-load washing machines have been around for a long time, the reemergence of these appliances as a popular laundry room staple is one that has taken place over the last few decades. Water efficiency, quiet operation, and clothing spun almost to dry eight out of the washer are just a handful of reasons these machines are a popular choice. However, front-loaders don't come without their downfalls and occasionally, you could see some problems. Read More