Appliance Repair Guide For Homeowners

2 Possible Reasons Why Your Clothes Dryer’s Tumbler Refuses To Spin

After putting your clothes in the dryer and allowing them to run through a cycle, you may have discovered that the clothes are still fully or partially wet. When trying to run them through another drying cycle, you may have noticed that the drum is no longer rotating, leaving the clothes to sit in one spot without tumbling.  When the drum is not working in your clothes dryer, the problem could be caused by a mechanical or electrical issue. Read More 

Dryer Not Drying? What Can You Do About It

When your dryer has stopped drying, it's out to the clothesline for your clothing, but this may not be that simple to do. If your clothing cannot be dried on a line, or you don't have the time to hang your clothing on the line, it can be a pain, and eventually, you'll run out of clothing to wear. Drying your clothes in a dryer is a nice convenience and you don't have to leave your house to get your clothing clean and dry. Read More 

Washer Repair: 2 Tell-Tale Signs Your Washer Needs Immediate Repairs

Like other household appliances, washers are not immune to malfunctions or breaking down. But before a washer breaks down, it will provide several signs. Thus, prompting you to seek immediate washer repair services. Nonetheless, most people don't know the signs of a malfunctioning washer. As a result, they often ignore the symptoms of a malfunctioning washer until it breaks down. However, waiting until your washer breaks down is not advisable because it often leads to more expensive washer repairs. Read More 

3 Ways Professional Commercial Refrigeration Repair Services Will Improve Efficiency In Your Restaurant

If you own a restaurant, you know how challenging it can be to meet your customers' demands, especially when you constantly have to keep food fresh. It's no secret that a well-functioning commercial refrigerator is essential to any foodservice business. Unfortunately, your fridge may break down due to overuse, worn-out parts, or age. When this happens, it's vital to contact a technician to get it back up and running as soon as possible. Read More 

Common Fridge Problems You Can Try To Fix Before Seeking Appliance Repair

Is your fridge not keeping the food and beverages you have inside cold enough for you? Does the fridge technically work but you can see that something is obviously wrong? Perhaps the fridge has decided to stop working altogether. Whatever the reason, it's clear you might be in need of professional appliance repair. But before you spend the money on such a service, here are some common refrigerator problems you might be able to tackle on your own. Read More